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Animal Rockies  Mountains Photographer
Animal Photographer Rockies Mountains
Animal Photographer Rockies Mountains
Bear Animal Photograher Rockies Mountains
Animal Photographer Rockies Mountains
Bear animal photograpgh taken by Photographer Rob Knight Rockies Mountains
Animal Photographer Rockies Mountains
Bear Animal photographer rockies Mountains
Grizzly Bear animal photographer photograph rockies Mountains

The Way It Should Be

I founded Kootenay Images with one goal in mind, animal conservation through animal nature photography, landscape photography. I donate from all sales towards animal conservation projects. Every species has the right to exist, to life, and has a unique location amongst species in which to thrive on earth. The environment and needs are different for each individual species. 

I have not posted the names of  most mountains, flowers or animals besides the well known. Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!  Everyone wants to be alone on earth from time to time, who needs names when only yourself is looking at your mountains, lakes and animals.


  There is no photo editing done to the photographs.

 Kootenay Images sells, animal photographs, rockies mountains landscape photographs, nature photographs.


Kootenay Images ships within 7 to 10 buisness days. Shipping rates are in place for Canada, the US, and some Western European countries. Orders outside these areas requires contacting us for a quote and service. Contact us anytime with any questions you may have.

Kootenay Images digitally prints all photographs onto white aluminum. Digitally printing a photograph onto white aluminum, produces a sturdy, long lasting, high quality product. When a photograph is digitally printed onto white aluminum there is no need for a frame.

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